High Quality

Custom made Beds

100% Australian made

Empire Beds is an entirely Australian owned and operated manufacturing business producing high quality hand crafted authentic Cast Iron Beds that are distributed Australia wide.

As the largest manufacturer of genuine Australian made Cast Iron Beds, no one knows Cast Beds better than us!    As such, Empire Beds sets the benchmark for all cast beds made in Australia.

And when you contact us you will actually speak to the person who will be making your bed!

We supply our beds direct to the public at affordable prices as we believe that everyone should be able to afford to purchase and enjoy a quality hand crafted Australian made cast bed that will last them a life time!   Buying direct from a true Australian manufacturer guarantees you savings on a quality product.

  Our beds are made to exacting standards using time honoured skills and craftsmanship.    When you purchase one of our beds you purchase an heirloom item.   We only use Australian made materials in all the components that make up our beds, so you can be guaranteed that your bed is built to last. 

We are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on all our bed frames.


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Bed Designs

Our bed designs were born out of what was known as the "austere" era -  gone was the extreme ornamentation of the Victorian Era and the wealth and luxury of the age of the Art Deco period.  The bold ornamentation of these periods was replaced with the simplicity of the post war austere period that was more simple and far less pretentious in design.   These less pretentious bed designs frequently filled our hospitals, military bases, shearers quarters and boarding schools throughout Australia.  Empire Beds has continued to modernise these basic cast iron bed designs with improved quality castings and finishes that provide a more broad based and modern appeal.   Whilst continuing to be steeped in Australian history, the injection of durable vibrant colours to our cast bed range now provides a more modern and sleek look that is suitable to all decors.

Beds currently in stock

We try and have a a number of finished beds in stock at any one time.  These beds are now generally in some unique colours.   

We also have stock beds here in "raw form" that have only recently been cast whereby you can choose your own colour on a bed that has already been made.   Selecting a bed from our "raw stock" generally may save around 1 to 2 weeks on our current turnaround time.

Our stock changes regularly depending on the level of customer orders so be sure to contact us to confirm our current stock holdings and to confirm our current turnaround time.  

Our already powder coated stock beds are available for quicker delivery otherwise our current turnaround time for custom ordered beds is ordinarily 7 - 10  weeks from receipt of deposit.

Kingston Cast Bed