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Empire Beds. Australian Made. Cast Beds. Metal Beds. Shipped Australia Wide. Made in Melbourne. Australian Owned.
Empire Beds. Australian Made. Windsor Cast Bed. Metal Beds. Iron Beds. Wrought Iron Beds. Cast Iron reproduction beds. Made in Melbourne. Australian owned.


Q.   How long does it take for us to make your bed?

A.   We can generally produce a bed within four to eight weeks depending on current workload and what we have in stock at the time. A turnaround time can be provided on request at the time of placing your order and you will be updated as to the progress of production.  Customised beds take a little longer.   Our current turnaround time will be indicated at the bottom of our home page. 


Q.   How is my bed delivered?

A.  Your bed is delivered by road freight Australia wide in three seperate packages - Bed head, foot & hardware, Rails and irons, Slat base.    We provide you with a tracking number prior to dispatch and you will receive notification on the day that your bed is to be delivered.   Standard delivery is Authority to Leave in a safe place if you are not at home.   Alternatively, you can opt for a "Book in"  delivery which incurs an additional charge of approximately $25.00 above standard freight charges.  Indicative freight costs are indicated on our "Pricing, Ordering & Delivery" page.   If you are outside of metro areas we will provide an accurate freight quote at the time of ordering. You are also able to organise your own freight services or collect from our workshop.

Q.    Where do you ship to?

A.    We ship Australia wide by road freight and Tasmania via road and sea freight.  We have also shipped beds to New Zealand and Singapore.     Please note, there are some areas throughout Australia that have "no service" or "limited service".


Q.    What assembly is involved?

A.   Our beds do require assembly however, it is not difficult. All hardware is provided along with comprehensive easy to follow instructions and a multi tool to do the job.

Q.    What is the clearance height under our beds.

A.    All of our beds have an under floor clearance on each side of 350 mm as standard.   Our centre rail that runs head to foot reduces the clearance in the middle of the bed by a further 50 mm. 


Q.    What height will my mattress sit at?


A.    With our current slat bases your mattress will sit on a height of approximately 372 mm from floor. So, adding 372 mm to the thickness of your mattress will give you your finished mattress height.

Q.    What are our slat bases made out of?

A.    Our slat bases are generally made out of 90 X 35 MGP10 softwood pine timbers bound by jute webbing.   Our slat base is actually fixed to our rail system providing for a more rigid & stable bed.     Please note that due to the global shortage in construction pine we are currently using 90 X 19 Merbau hard wood as our slat bases.   It is a superior hardwood product that comes at a much higher price than pine however, we are absorbing that additional cost until normal supply of pine resumes.

Q.    Will our slat base suit your mattress?

A.   Our slat bases suit most Australian mattresses in terms of slat spacing.   We have the ability to customise our slat bases to cater for specific mattress requirements that recommend certain minimum spacings between slats.    


Q.   What are the frame sizes of your beds.

A.    The simple answer is that all of our beds are made to suit standard Australian mattress sizes.   There is also plenty of room at the head and foot for all bedding and doona options.    If you require specific dimensions of our beds then please contact us directly.

Q.    Can we customise your bed?

A.   Yes we can customise our beds to suit your individual requirements.   We can increase and decrease our rail/slat base height and also customise the height of our head boards and foot boards.  We can reduce the height of our foot boards by a maximum of 200 mm down to 800 mm high without compromising the design detail.     Please contact us directly for all your customisation requirements.  Within reason, we can also mix and match casting detail.    We do charge extra for customisations and will provide those cost depending on your individual requirements.

Q.     Do your beds cater for larger people?

A.     We often get asked if our beds are suitable for larger people.  We offer a lifetime warranty on our bed frames so that should speak for itself!    We run a standard centre support rail and centre leg system from head to foot.    We are also able to cater for and supply additional support legs on request.

Q.    Do our beds squeak or rattle?

A.    No our beds do not squeak or rattle when assembled correctly.     Traditionally, the characteristic "squeaking" of cast iron beds was caused by the manner in which the rails were attached to the bed heads and footers.   Our fixing systems eliminate this.

Q.    Why do some of your beds cost more than others?

A.     Many of our beds have varying degrees of complexity to them in both their manufacturing and finishing processes.  Also, each of our castings consume varying amounts of casting metal so we price our beds accordingly.    In laymen's terms, some of our beds are a little easier to make than others and consume less casting material than others! - We price our beds fairly.

Q.    What warranty do you provide with your beds?

A.    We provide a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of our bed frames.   No other cast bed manufacturer or retailer in Australia does so.    We back our products 100% because WE JUST MAKE BEDS!!   We have a passion for doing so and we do it exceptionally well!!

Q.    Does Empire Beds manufacture the "Scout House Beds"?

A.     For many years Empire Beds proudly manufactured both the Scout and Tilly cast beds for "Scout House" in Melbourne.   We ceased our relationship with Scout House on 30/11/2020.   We now supply these beds direct to the public.    These beds are known to Empire Beds as the Cambridge and Cornwall cast beds respectively.  Any beds in the market place resembling our Cambridge and Cornwall beds are only a flagrant attempt to copy or imitate our beds.    Any images of our Cambridge & Cornwall beds being used by "Scout House" or any retailer to sell an inferior over priced look alike product  is entirely inappropriate and totally mis-leading.