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VISITING US: Our Workshop & Showroom are open Mon-Fri 7 am - 4 pm. and on Weekends by appointment.    We are conveniently located less than 5 minutes from  Exit 18 (Mornington Tyabb Rd) on The Peninsula Link with plenty of free parking.


Factory 8, 4 Cannery Court

Tyabb, Victoria 3913 AUSTRALIA

Phone: 0423 021 662

Our beds are manufactured using the highest quality Australian made materials.   Once you have selected your bed design and size, the tubular bed frame will be cut and rolled into shape before having the separately prepared insert panel fully welded into it.    With a 2 mm wall thickness our tubular frames are the heaviest gauge in the market with many imported beds coming in at 1.6 to 1.2 mm.    Once the head and foot of your bed has been fabricated it is then ready for the casting process.

Our gas fired furnace is prepared by pre-heating the crucible that contains a starting amount of casting metal in ingot form.    The temperature of the furnace is then increased to over 450 degrees celcius where ingots of casting metal are added intermittently until our crucible is full of molten metal and the casting process is ready to commence.    Moulds for the bed style you have selected are clamped to the bed frames where each and every individual casting is created by the hand pouring of molten metal into the mould.   After sufficient cooling, the process is repeated until your bed has been fully cast where it can then be put aside to fully cool down. 

After the casting process has been completed your bed will then go through what is known as the "de-dagging" or "kettling" stage.   This is a long painstaking process where each and every casting is meticulously hand filed and hand sanded to ensure a perfectly smooth finish.   Rail sets are then punched and fabricated to suit your bed choice and along with the head and foot, all is then prepared for powder coating.    The powder coating of your bed is the only part of the process that is conducted off site.    

After powder coating in the colour of your choice your bed will return to us where a timber slat base has already been prepared.    Before packaging, your bed it will go through its final inspection process to make sure that everything meets our standards.    A great deal of effort goes into the packaging of your bed including making our own boxes that your bed will travel in to ensure that it arrives to you safely.