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Highgrove Cast Bed

The Highgrove features an elegant sweeping curve in the main frames with gentle sloping shoulders that makes this bed ideal for smaller bedrooms.   Visually, it simply takes up less space!


It has lovely curving vertical uprights meeting the bed frame at right angles where it is cast with the same frame castings featured on our Chelsea bed. 



Bed Specifications

Due to the unique shape of the bed frame the bed head measures approximately 1255mm (125.5 cm) tall 

(please note that these measurements can vary slightly from bed to bed)   

Available as:

Standard foot = 1015 mm (101.5 cm).

(please note that this measurement can vary slightly from bed to bed)

NOT available as an intermediate foot

Low foot = 600 mm (60 cm)

& No foot option

Highgrove Cootamundra 2.jpg
Highgrove Cast Bed

Pricing and Sizing

The Highgrove is available only in Queen size.

This bed is not available with an Intermediate Foot.

Queen (Standard)                               $2000

Queen (Low Foot & No Foot)              $1800

Casting Detail

Highgrove Cast panel.jpeg
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